Virtual Online School Charleston

The South Carolina Preparatory Academy offers a full course offering that meets South Carolina High School Diploma guidelines, including a rigorous college preparatory program incorporating honors courses.

Tools for tomorrow

The only thing that stays the same is everything changes, and that could not ring more true than in our respective Charleston, SC classrooms. At South Carolina Preparatory Academy, our online students are being conditioned to see these changes as an opportunity to thrive in a virtual world, by providing a tuition-free online public school environment for grades K-12.

With close to 140,000 residents in Charleston, South Carolina, students, parents and grandparents are seeking a learning environment that is engaging and allows each prospective student to soak up material that is conducive to them at a pace that allows flexibility and accountability.

South Carolina Prep combines the best elements of home school, private school, and traditional public school, in a tuition-free online public charter school.

Is Your Child’s Environment Holding Them Back?

As Charleston's online charter school, we are committed to seeing every child reach their potential, prepared for college, and prepared for life.

Feel Like SC Prep Is The Right Fit For You And Your Student?

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A Team Member will contact you to discuss your needs and the features and benefits of an education through SC Prep.

Fill Out An Enrollment Application

Once you decide to pursue enrolling your child with SC Prep, you will complete a preliminary application. Just like many traditional charter schools in SC, we anticipate a waitlist for Fall 2023.

Thrive With SC Prep

Once your application is approved, you will be contacted to complete the enrollment packet. Your student will be able to realize all the benefits of a classical, college preparatory education.

The South Carolina Preparatory Academy’s mission is to provide a highly motivational and rigorous curriculum, virtual in nature and classically based to middle and high school students in South Carolina.