Why Choose Classical Curriculum?

South Carolina Preparatory Academy uses a classical approach to education. The classical approach may be a new concept for many parents. It is an ancient method based on Greek and Roman principles of education. And it was employed in the early days of American history. There are a few guiding tenets that make an education “classical.” Here are some of them:

Study of humanities
History, Language, Literature, Philosophy, Art and Science are the basis of this education style. These subjects are taught in tandem and as students advance, they are encouraged to find the connections between the disciplines instead of viewing them as separate subjects.

Three part system of teaching called the trivium.
Early childhood education focuses on learning facts and memorization. This is called the **Grammar **Stage. The facts and language they memorize will become foundational to later understanding of the subjects. Middle age children learn the “why” behind the facts they learned in earlier years. This is called the **Logic **Stage. They discover the meanings behind the words and facts they have already memorized. And finally, High School age kids focus mainly on the process of thinking. This is called the **Rhetoric **Stage. Students are encouraged to make their own discoveries and connections based on what they learn.

It is language based.
While visual aids and videos are helpful, the bulk of the learning is taught through language. This is  believed to train the mind in more complex ways of reasoning.

There is space for morality.
The goal of a classical education is to teach students to become scholars, instead of learning specific subjects. The classical approach often includes a character component that teaches ethics, self-discipline, accountability, good citizenship, and the pursuit of truth.

SC Prep gives Middle and High School students access to a classical education through online learning. For more information, parents can request our free parents guide at this link.